Pumpkin beer showdown!

Fall is here and that means pumpkin in every type of food imaginable--from pumpkin spiced lattes, to pies and desserts, and even pumpkin based cocktails! Since the trend of pumpkin flavors has grown in popularity, pumpkin-based beer options have also expanded. Check out this chart created by beer website Ferment Nation, that compares the best pumpkin-based beers. Here you can see a brief description of the beer, read which beers have the most pumpkin flavor, the most ABV, and how each beer rates according to their site. Have you tried any of these yourself? Let us know your favorite!

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image via visually infographics

Meet the female sushi chef that is breaking down barriers

Being is sushi chef is traditionally a job for men, it has been that way for centuries and very few women have gone against the tradition. Meet Miki Izumisawa who considers herself a pioneer for women sushi chefs. She believes that breaking tradition is a way to evolve the cuisine. She also has an all-female staff at her restaurant. Watch her story here


How to pair your favorite junk food with wine

Pairing the right wine with your dinner satisfies the foodie in all of us, but do certain wines pair well with junk food? This guide will help you find the perfect combination! Examples include matching french fries with champagne (because the richness and salt of the french fries are cut by the acidity and bubbles of the champagne). So go ahead--order a pizza and open up a bottle of Tempranillo as you read the rest of this guide. Let us know your favorites!



Prepare your skin for the sun with these foods!

The summer sun is brutal on your skin. In addition to sunscreen and shade you can help protect your skin by eating
these foods!


Spring Picnic Recipes

The weather is finally nice enough that you can eat outside! If you can't join us on our patio, the next best thing would be to head to the park for a picnic. Not sure what to bring? Check out these 26 different dishes perfect for picnics! What's your favorite?