Tis the Season for Pickin’ Crabs!

Whether you’re coming to J. KING'S to enjoy our wide selection of medium to monster size crabs, or are having them at home, we have some tips to perfect your pickin’ skills!
  • Remove the back fin legs last to for a large lump of meat
  •  Do use your fingers to remove the top shell
  • Avoid taking mallets to claws to avoid eating shell
  • Break the crab in half to easily access tiny chambers of meat

Although Marylanders will rarely do so, there are some dips that will compliment the crab meat nicely. We would recommend melted butter, red vinegar or even tartar sauce. So, what are you waiting for?  Kick the crab season off right at J. KING'S tonight for an All You Can Eat Feast for $33 a person!

Rockin’ Raw Bar

When I think seafood tavern, I think crabs, lobster, getting my hands dirty and enjoying some great steaks. But, J. KING’S not only offers cooked seafood, but a stocked raw bar to fully satiate the palate! What’s on the “Rockin’ Raw Bar” menu? What a great question!  There are Freshly Shucked Oysters served on the half shell, and Cherry Stone Clams served raw or steamed. Not into raw food? No worries, the Rockin’ Raw Bar also offers Colossal Crab Meat Cocktails with chilled crabmeat and cocktail sauce;  and Colossal Shrimp, chilled and served with cocktail sauce.