Beautiful 3D printed ice cubes

For whiskey lovers, the quality of ice is essential to not diluting the taste. With these 3D printed ice cubes, you can't get any better quality than this! For Suntory Whiskey's most recent award winning ad campaign a special 3D printer was used that was chilled at -7 degrees Celsius to create amazingly detailed ice cubes that resembled anything from famous landmarks to pop culture icons.

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Your definitive guide to measurement in baking

Photo via Nila Jones, www.seriouseats.com

Baking is literally a science. With a little assembling, the ingredients combine together and react with heat to produce those delicious treats. In some forms of cooking you can play around with how you measure your ingredients, but when it comes to baking you have to be very exact in your portions if you want to avoid a dessert disaster. Are you measuring properly? Check out this guide to find out!


Your Guide to The Best American Craft Beer Breweries in America


There's nothing that a beer lover enjoys more than a locally crafted beer. While we can enjoy places like Heavy Seas and Flying Dog brewery here in Maryland, where can you go around the country? Here is you definitive guide from A-Z of the best craft breweries in America. Have you been to any of these? Let us know on Facebook!


What were the top food trends in 2014?

image via thrillist.com

If food in 2014 can be described in one word what would it be? Thrillist asked some of the top chefs in the country and here are the words that they came up with.

2014 was the year of...

... COMFORT FOOD. Comfort food is back and here to stay. You'll see it as a mainstay on restaurant menus for many years to come." - Ming Tsai, Blue Ginger (Wellesley, MA)

... REAL FOOD. Molecular gastronomy is on its way out. It's not about a show, but giving people what they want: substance. There was a time and place for it, but we're leaving it behind in 2015. No more circus acts.” - Slade Rushing, Brennan’s Restaurant (New Orleans, LA)

... the VEGETABLE. Whether it's pickled, poached, grilled, or fermented, it's no longer on the side. It's right there, front and center." - Steve McHugh, Cured (San Antonio, TX)

... the OYSTER, especially from Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries." - Robert Wiedmaier, Marcel's (Washington, DC)

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A Special treat for hot chocolate lovers!

image via boredpanda

Winter season is the best time to grab a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. Click here to check out these great ways to spice up your hot chocolate, including a recipe for Aztec hot chocolate with Cayenne pepper. Have you made any of these wonderful creations? Let us know here on facebook!