Chicken Parmesan
Fresh Chicken breast hand-breaded with Parmesan cheese and garlic,
sautéed, then baked with a tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese, served over spaghetti


Generous portions of seasoned beef, layered between Parmesan, mozzarella
and Ricotta cheese baked to a golden brown topped with a fresh tomato sauce


Spaghetti topped with a fresh tomato sauce

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Ground beef sautéed with onions and garlic mixed with a fresh tomato sauce served over spaghetti

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Ground beef meatballs mixed with a fresh tomato sauce served over spaghetti

Baked Ziti

Italian sausage, red and green pepper, Marinara sauce with Provolone and Mozzarella cheeses

Seafood Pasta

Scallops, shrimp & clams tossed in a fresh tomato sauce served over a bed of linguine

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine pasta sautéed with cream, butter and Parmesan cheese

Blackened Salmon Alfredo

Blackened salmon over mushrooms, asparagus, and linguini in a white Alfredo sauce

Penne with Shrimp

Fresh shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, basil and penne pasta in a white wine garlic sauce

Saffron and Shellfish Linguine

Rope-grown mussels, littleneck clams, and red bell peppers steamed
in a white wine-butter sauce with saffron, garlic, and oregano

Tortellini & Spinach

Tri-colored cheese-filled pasta with wild mushrooms and fresh sautéed spinach in a creamy Alfredo sauce

Three Cheese Ravioli

Cheese filled ravioli topped with a fresh tomato sauce

Lobster Ravioli
Hand made, Lobster-filled ravioli topped with a Parmesan cream sauce and diced tomatoes

Macaroni & Cheese

An old favorite made with cheese and elbow macaroni

Pesto Pasta

Penne pasta tossed in a light creamy pesto sauce

Pasta Primavera

Fresh julienned vegetables tossed in a creamy parmesan cheese sauce atop farfalle pasta

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti mixed with a cream sauce, ham and topped with Parmesan and Asiago cheese

Rigatoni Pasta

Rigatoni Pasta tossed with Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and olive oil